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Fallimenti Promettenti (pdf slides) by vecna (28 September 2007) [Italian]

Sicurezza dei Sistemi P2P per il Data Store Distribuito (pdf article) by tlei and guy montag (23 September 2007) [Italian]

Exploiting Kernel Vulnerabilities (ogg audio) by sgrakkyu and twiz (19 June 2007) [Italian]

Il parere dei vecchi: perchè sicurezza e privacy non possono convivere? (html article) by vecna (22 May 2007) [Italian]

Practical Steganalysis 1: Spammimic (article / full package) by vecna (9 April 2007) [English]

UMA (Unlicensed Mobile Access): infrastruttura e sicurezza (pdf slides) by zen (8 February 2007) [Italian]

Exploiting hidden services to setup anonymous communication infrastructure (pdf slides) by naif (21 October 2006) [English]

Exploiting Software: How To Break Code (ppt slides) by buffer and quequero@UIC (17 October 2006) [Italian]

Fingerprinting e attacco ad un sistema informatico (pdf and ppt slides) by buffer and zen (07 October 2006) [Italian]

La Minaccia Fantasma. Privacy e sicurezza, rischi del 2006 (html article) by vecna (06 October 2006) [Italian]

Anomaly Detection through System Call Argument Analysis (pdf slides / mp3 audio) by Raistlin (03 August 2006) [English]

La Privacy e i motori di ricerca (pdf and ppt slides) by vecna (20 May 2006) [Italian]

My IDS is better than yours! or.. is it? (pdf slides) by Raistlin (26 January 2006) [English]

La Full Disclosure: cos'è, a cosa serve, perché è proibita (mp3 audio) by Raistlin (03 September 2005) [Italian]

PGP Luci ed ombre. Storia ed evoluzione dello strumento per la privacy più usato al mondo (pdf slides / ogg audio) by naif (28 May 2005) [Italian]

Automatic Detection of Web Application Security Flaws (pdf slides) by Raistlin (01 April 2005) [English]

Sabbia: a low-latency design for anonymous networks (pdf paper) by vecna and Raistlin (01 January 2005) [English]

Detecting 0-day Attacks with Learning Intrusion Detection System (pdf slides / rm video) by Raistlin (29 July 2004) [English]

Il sottile confine tra privacy e sicurezza: i dispositivi biometrici (pdf slides / ogg audio) by vodka (15 May 2004) [Italian]

E-Money: dove sono i miei soldi? (pdf slides) by nail and naga@Antifork (08 May 2004) [Italian]

Free & Secure: alcune feature di sicurezza nei sistemi operativi free (pdf slides) by zen (08 May 2004) [Italian]

Secure by default? (pdf slides) by Kobaiashi (08 May 2004) [Italian]

wireless (in)security: (in)sicurezza dell'802.11 (pdf and ppt slides) by naif and vodka (07 May 2004) [Italian]

iN-FiT: IDA based network file transfer (pdf slides) by valv0 (06 May 2004) [Italian]

Hacking della firma digitale e attacco ai contenuti della smartcard: alcune casistiche (pdf slides) by Kobaiashi (06 May 2004) [Italian]

Unsupervised Learning and Data Mining for Intrusion Detection (pdf slides) by Raistlin (21 April 2004) [English]

s0ftpj Digital Security by NeURo@MetroOlografix (March 2004) [Italian]

BFi, la rivista digitale dell'underground italiano by NeURo@MetroOlografix (February 2004) [Italian]

File di log: importanza ed analisi (base) (pdf slides) by vodka (4 November 2003) [Italian]

File di log: importanza ed analisi (avanzato) (pdf slides) by vodka (4 November 2003) [Italian]

Ethical hacking, unethical laws (pdf slides / mp3 audio / avi video) by Raistlin (14 October 2003) [Italian]

Firma digitale e problemi di sicurezza (pdf slides) by Raistlin (20 September 2003) [Italian]

Nuovi progetti di steganografia (pdf slides) by vecna (20 September 2003) [Italian]

La programmazione sicura secondo D. J. Bernstein (pdf slides / mp3 audio) by Quest (20 June 2003) [Italian]

Invisible Irc Project, anonymous real time communication (pdf slides / ogg audio) by vodka (14 June 2003) [Italian]

Steganografia, l'arte della scrittura nascosta (pdf slides / ogg audio) by vecna (14 June 2003) [Italian]

Linux kernel hacking (pdf slides) by valv0 and quest (15 April 2003) [Italian]

Kernel rootkit: attacchi e contromisure (pdf slides) by FuSyS (7 July 2002) [Italian]

IDS: intrusione, controllo e contenimento nel digital warfare by Raistlin (22 June, 2002) [Italian]

OTU: advanced man in the middle concept and code for linux by vecna (BFi#10, file 11 of 18, 30 September, 2001) [English]

Detecting Loadable Kernel Modules (LKM) (featuring KSTAT) by Toby Miller (09 April, 2001) [English]

Covert Shells (featuring 007Shell and B0CK) by J. Christian Smith (12 November, 2001) [English]

S0ft Project Speaks to by (15 July, 2000) [English]

Informazione: libera o privata? by Tom Maddox (10 March, 2000) [Italian]

Winamp Reversing by .+Ma+. (BFi#7, file 18 of 22, 25 December, 1999) [English]

Here are available for downloading the advisories published by s0ftpr0ject.
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SPJ-001-000: (July 12, 1999) World writable root owned script in SalesBuilder (RedHat 6.0)

SPJ-002-000: (July 19, 1999) Possible Denial Of Service using DNS

SPJ-003-000: (Apr 30, 2000) Remotely Exploitable Buffer Overflow in Sniffit

SPJ-004-000: (June 10, 2000) Multiple Remote CGI Vulnerabilities in MailStudio2000

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