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To contact s0ftpr0ject 2000 you can write to the following email addresses:

Comments and requests to the staff (PGP Key)
Notifications about misuse of our material (PGP Key)
Comments and ideas about the web site (PGP Key)
Bugs and security problems notifications (PGP Key)
Submit of interesting news (PGP Key)
bUTCHERED fR0M iNSiDE staff (PGP Key)

To contact a single member please read the Research Team page.
Emails containing comments, suggestions, ideas and notifications of security problems are welcome. We are also available to check security of your sites, contact us to obtain informations.
Any illegal request will be automatically redirected to /dev/null. This includes cracks and hacking-related or harmful informations requests. We'll not answer you, so please don't write us at all.

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bUTCHERED fR0M iNSiDE is available on the following sites:

[Main Site - hosted by Metro Olografix]
[ITALY Mirror #1 - hosted by Zero! BBS]
[ITALY Mirror #3 - hosted by Nail^d0d]

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