INNOVA project home page

claudio <vecna at s0ftpj dot org>

What is INNOVA?
INNOVA is a Linux framework that permits to transparently mangle outgoing/ingoing connections from your box.
Here you can download plugins for INNOVA framework and browse the latest INNOVA release and ChangeLogs. For further information about the plugins, please contact the author directly.

This page is alpha like the exposed software (INNOVA 0.0.2 is going to be released very soon!), if you want to collaborate you could subscribe to mailing list <innova at xsec dot it>.

INSTALL vecna installation infos
vecna What INNOVA is, how it works, how to use it.
vecna INNOVA plugins structure, how to write your own plugins.

innova 0.0.1 (md5) vecna INNOVA framework, alpha release, supports only injection with iptables command, includes plugins for:
* transparent steganography on icmp packet,
* transparent cryptography,
* steganography on ip id (as exposed on
this paper)