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s0ftpr0ject 2000 is a security team founded in the summer of 1997. Its research team is fully dedicated to study, describe and resolve security problems related to the network and digital worlds.
Tools and documentation available on this site are meant to be used only in order to improve your security and privacy, and not as a way to harm anybody. Any use of the available material that goes against the laws of any state is not condoned by s0ftpr0ject 2000, which also cannot be held responsible for any misuse.
s0ftpr0ject 2000 absolutely dissociates itself from any cracking/hacking/phreaking group that may claim to be in any way collaborating with us. If YOU are going against the law, WE will never have any relation with you. Any remark should be addressed to, and abuses reported immediately, with all the necessary informations, to
Also, due to recent facts happened in our country, we point out that we strictly dissociate from any terroristic or eversive groups and their destabilizing and highly deprecable actions.
If you, the visitor, are somehow offended by the contents of the site, we ask you to leave this site immediately, and don't go on accessing, reading or downloading anything here. On the other hand, by accessing the main page, you agree with this disclaimer and must consider yourself responsible for any use you make of the informations contained inside.
Also, who is currently hosting our page cannot be legally sued for its content.

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